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Today’s advertising world is divided into general branding and direct marketing. With few freelancers having balanced and significant experience in both, we bring a unique mix to the table.

Perhaps you need the big ideas to burn your products/services into the brains of loyal customers. Perhaps you need direct action to generate sales, leads, and bottom-line results. Perhaps you need a little (or a lot) of both. Our award-winning brains are ready.

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Michael Streiter – Word Specialist
Copywriting / Thinking / Persuading

Used to be a: Lawyer
Wants to be a: Master Scrabbler
Happy being a: Writer
Industry experience: High Tech, Telecom, Auto, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Consumer Products/Services, Insurance, Travel & Leisure, Fitness, Non-Profit, and much more
Awards: MarCom, DTC, Telly, Print Annual, Graphis Annual
Drink of choice: Quadruple Rice Milk Caramel Mocha
Keenest Insight: My bed is most comfortable at the exact moment my alarm goes off
Strengths: Tenacity, Flexibility, Deadlines, Listening
True Story: Wrote college admissions essay proposing David Letterman as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
Michael's Dog
My Dog’s Best Trick: Can occupy an entire king-sized bed at night with only 18 lbs.

If you have copy-only needs, Michael is available solo as well. Click here for his personal portfolio site.


Billy Jack Snelson – Art Director/ Design Specialist
Visualizing / Thinking / Alluring

Used to be a: Lifeguard
Wants to be: In two places at once
Happy being an: Art Director
Industry experience: Financial, High Tech, Telecom, Auto, Travel & Leisure, Pharmaceutical, Dog Food, Coffee, Hair Color, and much more
Awards: AdWeek Technology Marketing Award, FCS Portfolio Award, Echo Leader, Caples Design International, Austin ADDY
Late Night Fast Food of Choice: Fried Pickles – Katz’s Deli
Keenest Insight: Worrying must work since 95% of the things I worry about never happen
Strengths: Calm, Devoted, Willing, A Little Crazy
Billy's Dog
My Dog’s Best Trick: Digging to China. She is almost there and I am one step closer to a pool. Thanks Boo!

If you have art- or design-only needs, Billy Jack is available solo as well. Click here for his personal portfolio site.


Generally, we charge an hourly rate that may vary based on a number of factors including the level of involvement (standard up to CD-level involvement), nature of the client (negotiable for non-profit/public service), and timing (rush projects, holidays).

We are also willing to discuss long-term contracts, retainers, or set fees on a case-by-case basis. We strive to keep our rates competitive and our reputation is one of a highly efficient team.

Mention the code: HA HA HA, I WOULD HAVE PAID EVEN MORE FOR YOU GUYS BUT I’M NOT TELLING YOU THAT and the first hour’s on us.

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