Noggins For Rent Declines $4.1 Billion Account to Stay Focused on Current Clients

Noggins for Rent has been awarded creative duties on an undisclosed $4.1 billion client account but has declined the business. Co-founder Michael Streiter responded, “We always want to service our clients at the highest levels. We’d have to hire thousands, have massive overhead, build an infrastructure ….all that would take time away from our current roster. We’ve always seen ourselves as a highly effective 2-man freelance team versus the global juggernaut that account might make us.” Billy Jack Snelson could not be reached for comment as he was busy servicing current clients.

One source close to the Noggins for Rent team observed, “It’s refreshing to see a shop that isn’t simply concerned about putting out press releases touting dollar amounts or annual billings, and instead just focusing on doing quality work for quality clients.” Had Noggins for Rent accepted the account, annual billings on the undisclosed client were expected to jump to $4.1 billion in 2010 after spending $3.5 billion in 2009.

Noggins For Rent Opens Virtual Offices in 43 States

Noggins for Rent is pleased to announce its expansion beyond the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio markets. Co-Founder Billy Jack Snelson commented, “With the advent of automobiles, then planes and now e-mail/secure web-based file sharing, opening branch offices in most major and mid-sized markets made sense for our clients.” Co-Founder Michael Streiter chimed in, “And hey, why not!?”

The seven excluded states reacted sharply but remained open to future arrangements. “Of course we’re disappointed. I mean seriously, WTF?” asked one senior Wyoming official privately. Marketing analyst Leonard McCollum however praised Noggins for Rent’s decision, citing their current staff of two as a “a smart reason to expand within only 43 states at this point in their business lifecycle.” Current Noggins for Rent rumor sites and blogs speculate that at least two more states will be added in 2010.

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