Can I rent you for things outside of advertising?

Hmmmm, hadn’t really considered that. Billy makes a mean guacamole dip and Michael once thumbed through Ventriloquism for Dummies. But outside of that….probably inappropriate.

Why didn’t you name your team The Legend of Billy Jack and His Sidekick Michael?

Next question please.

Are you guys easy to get along with? Do you throw small appliances when irritated?

We actually have a reputation for being very easygoing even under the most merciless of deadlines. We only reach for small appliances to make peanut butter banana smoothies.

So really, why did you get into advertising?

Well, it definitely wasn’t to lock down 5-year, $25 million contracts like professional athletes. And selling pizza or phone contracts probably isn’t going to cure world hunger. So, we’ll go with wearing jeans on the job and frequently having to answer “So what exactly does one do as a copywriter or art director?”

So what exactly does one do as a copywriter or art director?


What if I like all the concepts you present and can’t decide between them?

High-fives and tequila shots.

Ok, last question. What size clients do you guys handle?

Great question. Our client background ranges from solo professionals to Fortune 500 companies. What counts is the big idea. What counts is a smart idea. Our noggins are size-agnostic. That is, we enjoy helping the smaller, more nimble fish win just as much as the big fish.

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