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I feel all tingly when you Google me

February 4th, 2010

Well, I’ll be the first to admit that profiting off of the Google juggernaut would be nice. So I lamely tried to purchase and, of course, the domain was taken. Surely there were others available though. I just had to crack the code and find the little gem cybersquatters had missed. Taken. GetGoogled? Taken. Ok, coffee break and brainstorm. Taken. Taken????? Are you %$#@& kidding me? Ok, what’s left? I became desperate (I really liked that one!)? Taken. Taken. OoglyGoogly? Taken! Panic set in. Ok, seriously….is there ANY Google-centric URL left in the universe? (Deep breath) AVAILABLE (at least as of today)!! And ya know, I woulda plunked down for it if it weren’t my generous nature to offer this up to my friends first. So, time’s ticking if you want it. Just buy me dinner if you make a mint.

Are you a text ventriloquist?

February 2nd, 2010

I thought I had seen it all with text messaging. And then he showed up. I have named him Texteus, God of the Keypad. He sat down for coffee at a table next to me with his wife. And as she prattled on about her day’s shopping adventures, I witnessed the Michael Jordan of mobile messaging. Under the table, out of his wife’s view, Texteus sent an endless stream of text messages to friends. I actually lost count somewhere around 14.

The most impressive part? He never broke a wrinkle on his forehead. His wife had no clue. I was in the presence of a true text ventriloquist. A thumbing savant. The Message Messiah. I could hold back no longer. I was leaving anyway. I stopped at his table and stammered, “I am in the presence of greatness.” His wife belched a “Huh?” Not about to blow Texteus’ cover, I simply said “Your husband’s incredible listening skills.” She smiled. He smiled. I smiled. I’m sure he texted a :-) to someone.

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